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At MEYER RE we provide after sales support for cruise ships throughout their entire service life, modernization measures as well as the implementation of sustainable solutions and maintenance.

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The times are changing. Will we be ready?


Because nature will depend on it. From future fuels to “Zero Waste”, from exhaust gas cleaning to shoreside electricity, the future of shipping must become more sustainable. Ships not only need to be upgraded, their service life also needs to be significantly extended.


Because technology will enable us. From AI energy management to on board network and Wi-Fi connectivity, from smart cabins to new forms of entertainment, the lines between offline and online will continue to blur.


Because people will expect us to. From responsible tourism, to theme cruises, from solo traveling to remote working possibilities, new generations of guests mean different demands. Trends and lifestyles change as well as the expectations in terms of fitness, health and wellness offerings.

Our Vision

… is to bring the cruise ship industry to the next level and to establish ourselves as a partner along the entire lifetime of each ship.

What do we mean by that? We make sure that a ship is always state of the art – and doesn't lag the pace of progress.

Our Mission

… is to extend the life span of each ship.

In doing so, ships and their components, technologies, resources and values must be repaired, transformed, further developed, repurposed again and again. This is how we at MEYER RE ensure maximum sustainability, economically and ecologically.

MEYER RE: A journey continued

In order to maximize the service life of a ship, it is necessary to completely re-imagine everything. Therefore, we turned a lifeline into a life cycle.

We identify everything that needs to change - technologically, ecologically, economically - to decisively extend the service life of a ship.

We use all our ship building expertise to transform, repair and to realize everything from refurbishment to entire repurposing projects.

We stay by your side. Together we make sure that your ship stays up to date. Sustainability starts with good products. And our service is part of that.

All things consulting related. We will use all of our knowledge and experience to analyze and optimize our clients project management, engineering, energy efficiency. MEYER RE also provides consulting services on the newest technologies and cruise trends.

  • Future fuels
  • Optimization of energy consumption for lower operational costs
  • Hygienic standards, e.g. air conditioning
  • Research for cruise trends and innovative solutions
  • Stability and strength calculations
  • Hydrodynamic optimization of hull shape

The actual process of refurbishment, repair and rebuilding. MEYER RE will realize all technical and constructional changes to breathe new life into a ship. Where? Wherever needed.

  • Technical feasibility analysis for refurbishment projects
  • Refurbishment projects
  • Revitalization of passenger ships
  • Components from MEYER companies (e.g., cabins and technical units…)
  • Operational support and project management

Everything „After-Sales“, from warranty matters to spare parts. Our services do not end with the delivery of a ship. That’s exactly where MEYER RE comes into play. We provide trainings, products and parts, manuals and remote services to ensure a customer satisfaction that lasts as long as our ships and beyond.

  • Technical documentation, manuals
  • Certificates
  • Photo documentation of areas in four building stages
  • Part database (cloud based)
  • Spare part management
  • Training for crews
  • Warranty processing
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance

Competence runs in the family

Here at MEYER RE, we are part of a bigger picture: As a MEYER company, we look back on over 225 years of shipbuilding experience, a wide network of partners and suppliers, and a success story based on continuous improvement.

Where? Wherever you need us.

Remote support, digital twins and complex e-learning tools are becoming more and more important. And yet they are only aspects of our service, which spans the entire globe. In addition, MEYER RE has access to a worldwide network of dry docks, ports and shipyards. Which means: our team of experts will meet you exactly where you need us to be, digitally and in person.

Worldmap with all MEYER RE locations

Spare parts management



We take care and provide spare parts and consumables for cruise ships throughout their entire lifetime including modernization measures as well as the maintenance support for a sustainable operation of your ship(s).


With all of our MEYER expertise and know-how in shipbuilding we have access to original documents and know best about high quality parts.

We benefit from synergies and experiences from the newbuilding business and have access to a comprehensive network of suppliers.

Therefore we can guarantee QUALITY ASSURED BY MEYER.

Products & Services

… more than 12 million individual parts

We are your One Stop Shop for any kind of spare parts from consumables to HVAC, public and galley parts up to main engine and auxiliary engine parts.

Economies of Scope

As a 100% MEYER company, we benefit from economies of scope and can offer you OEM, genuine or even reliable non-genuine parts at best prices.

Installation services

Our services do not end with the delivery of a ship. On request we will also arrange the installation and commissioning of ordered spare parts in your vessel to assure best functionality.

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